Frequently asked questions...

Is Braintree TV free to watch?
Yes in as much as we do not charge a subscription. Obviously, you may still get charges from your Internet service provider. Be aware, a days programming can involve several hundred megabytes (or more) of download. So if your Internet service provider limits your bandwidth or charges you extra if you exceed a set limit, we advise you check that you have available download capacity first. You might also like to use the settings icon near to the bottom right of the screen to choose viewing at a lower resolution.

What sort of material is included in the programming?
We have local news and weather reports, information about events happening in the area, a sports program, plenty of local football matches, music from local musicians, a program called Artists Corner where we interview local artists and more. We are always on the look out for more material. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, please let us know.

Can I watch a previous days program?
Yes. A days program is currently available to watch for up to a year from it's release date. For earlier days in the current week, select the link for the video player for that day. Uploads from the most recent 6 weeks can be selected by following the link to the right of the video player. Footage from any of the currently available uploads can be selected from our listing page.

Is there a way I can find all the items available to view for a particular subject?
You could try using our 'Search Listings' facility found on the right near the top of the page. Just enter a keyword such as 'MUSIC', click the button and we will try and find matches for you. You don't need to enter the quotes and it doesn't matter wheather or not you use capital letters.

Will there be any drama programs on Braintree TV?
No. Not yet at least. Drama groups - If you have something you think you might like to have shown on Braintree TV, email us on However, bear in mind we cannot show any material that is subject to copyright, without appropriate permission.

My local group has an event coming up that I would like to be mentioned on Braintree TV. Can this be done?
Yes. Let us know about the event by sending an email to You can film the event yourself, or you might like to consider having us making the recording. Should this be the case, tell us in the email. We would normally charge for this filming and editing of it, but we think our rates are reasonable. Remember, we cannot include anything that is subject to copyright, without appropriate permission.

I have my own video recording. Can it be shown on Braintree TV?
Yes. Voluntary program contributions can be included. However, we will have to check them for suitability and of course, there must not be any material that is subject to copyright, without appropriate permission. If you have such a video, send us an email to Various formats are possible. Send an email to find out possible video format options.

Can I embed Braintree TV footage onto my own web site?
Yes. You can do this by setting an IFRAME tag in your web page. An example would look like this:-
<IFRAME width="WWW" height="HHH" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" ></IFRAME>
Replace WWW with the width in pixels you want the player to be.
Replace HHH with the height in pixels you want the player to be.
Replace DD-MM-YY with the date of the upload that contains the footage you want.
Replace SSS with the start time in seconds of the footage you want to play. (We currently do not give the option of specifying an end time but hope to do so soon.)
By default the video will not play until the play button is clicked. To play it immediately, change &s=N to &s=Y.

Currently, our compilations are stored for a year, You can play videos in an embded player for as long as they are stored.

By default the player will appear blank when it first loads. You can have a poster image appear in the player if you wish. For details on how to do this, send an email to

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