About us...

We have been involved in filming as a hobby for over 25 years using video cameras. We have filmed weddings, concerts, pantomimes, plays, numerous football games and promotions.

We have also been involved in software development and have considerable experience developing web based applications.

Eventually we thought 'why not combine these ideas, and at the same time do something for our local community?' and so Braintree TV was born.

Braintree TV is a web based television station for the Braintree, Essex area. Covering from Castle Hedingham in the North, to Broomfield in the South. Great Dunmow in the West to beyond Coggeshall in the East. Generally speaking approximately a 10 mile radius from the centre of Braintree town.

We are looking to increase awareness of the history and events going on in the area, whilst at the same time providing a means for people to find out more about services in the area.

There is no subscription to pay to view Braintree TV. You just need a Web Browser and an Internet connection. Be aware though that a days programming can be an hour in length, so if you have metered bandwidth you may need to check you are not about to go over your limit. It should be possible to view Braintree TV on mobile phones, tablets, and Smart TV's as well.

   Braintree TV Limited. Registered company No. 09233273.                   Follow @Braintree_TV